Episode 45 (podcast)TechTalk with Joel Beasley

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The lightspeed pace of technological advancements in the FinTech space isn’t slowing down anytime soon, so what does that mean at Yieldstreet? In this episode, Yieldstreet’s CTO Hrishi Dixit is joined by Joel Beasley, the founder of ModernCTO, one of the best tech-centered podcasts out there. Joel has hosted fascinating guests from across the spectrum of FinTech, from major players at Microsoft, Sir Tim-Berners Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, to a variety of successful startups and even the CTO at Yieldstreet. Today the tables have turned and, as the guest, Joel unpacks some of the insights he’s gained from these conversations surrounding the future of FinTech. Bottom line — the future is in great hands, and this conversation reveals why.

FinTech companies are adapting and innovating at an incredibly rapid pace. From employing data pods to decentralizing currencies with the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to increase control over personal data, some of the biggest problems in the FinTech world are being solved by some of the world’s greatest minds. Joel reveals potential and practical applications of these technologies, as well as the role that governments need to play in making these advancements happen.

Throughout their conversation, Joel shares his opinion of Yieldstreet’s mission to democratize investments and you’ll hear Yieldstreet CTO Hrishi reflect on the incredible growth and challenges overcome at Yieldstreet both as a technology firm and as an investment firm. Yieldstreet investors don’t see the technology that makes the seamless investment transactions happen, even as features and asset classes get added to the platform.

Of course, all growth comes with pain, and one of the biggest hurdles to rapid FinTech advancements is the computing power required to handle massive amounts of data. Impressively (but not surprisingly), advanced processing chips are developing right alongside these innovations. Joel has the inside details from Groq, a company that has created a chip that contains a more powerful processor than a truckload of the best chips currently available. Energy efficient solutions like this would reduce the carbon footprint required for bitcoin and such massive data mining, bringing many of these future FinTech possibilities closer and closer to reality.

Security is a top priority for our investors at Yieldstreet, and Joel has insights into next level FinTech security from masters inside the Pentagon and the NSA. And the final look into the major disruptions in the FinTech world in this episode focuses on the ambient future of payments. Ambient payments happen passively, with little to no effort on the part of the consumer. Apple Pay and Amazon Go are first look offerings of ambient payments, and there is a very real possibility that this universally applicable approach to payments will be the future of all financial transactions, including the offerings made for our investors at Yieldstreet. Autoinvest has the potential to take your risk tolerance, profile, and preferences and take your investments to the next level. At Yieldstreet we aim to make investing as self-driving and passive as possible, and ambient payments just may be the way to make that happen. It’s a very promising option, and just one of the many possibilities that Hrishi and Joel explore in this fascinating look at the forward thinking future of the FinTech world.

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