Bonus Episode (Podcast) Financial Fight Training with Joe Fournier

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In this bonus episode of The Yield, Peter Kerr is joined by former light heavyweight WBC champion and Yieldstreet’s latest brand ambassador Joe “The Billionaire Boxer” Fournier for a discussion about entrepreneurship and financial training in and outside of the boxing ring. Joe is a British entrepreneur and professional boxer with businesses in the fitness, nightclub, and boxing industries. Joe rose to prominence after selling the fitness business he had founded to an FTSE 100 company. He also owns a chain of nightclubs operating under the Bonbonniere trademark.

Joe began his professional athletic career in basketball, and the training from his years playing ball also served him in the ring. From the onset of the conversation, Joe draws parallels between the discipline, experience, and control that are required in both boxing and business. He attributes his success in both to his willingness to stick with his plan and train harder when other people are giving up. Rather than worrying about what he can’t control, Joe focuses on the mentality that keeps him in the game and winning. And if you’ve ever wondered if it hurts more to get punched in the face or the gut, Joe’s got the answer.

But how can a fight inside the ring translate to success in business? For Joe, whether building a business, a brand, or a billion-dollar portfolio, the strategy is the same. Success comes from the same place — hard work. Joe highlights his journey from a one-man gym owner to nightclub developer and shares his insights into brand building. He reflects on times that he was about to lose it all but kept working hard and not giving in to pressure, which eventually resulted in his ability to explore other business verticals. And by refusing to give up, Joe’s unique experiences have not only taken him from London to Dubai, Mykonos to Belgrade, but they have also positioned him as a successful market leader in the nightlife and entertainment industry.

So what’s his secret? Joe has learned that investing in yourself is the best investment anyone can make. After spending too much time relying on banks to make investment decisions for him, Joe realized that there was a potentially better and higher-yielding way to approach his investments. Once he started getting fully involved with his own investments, opportunities of all kinds have presented themselves to him. His passion and experience are inspiring, and the advice he shares about learning, trying, making mistakes, and trying again is critical for anyone that is getting started investing in themselves.

But even someone as disciplined as The Billionaire Boxer faced an unprecedented crisis as the pandemic shut the world down in 2020. According to Joe, he had become fat and too liberal with his drinking again. Joe pivoted and took advantage of the opportunity to shut himself in a beach house in the Bahamas, get ripped, and 100% prepared for post-pandemic multi-million pay-per-view fights. And while his story may not sound exactly like yours, the takeaway is the same- invest in yourself. Control what you can control and be prepared for whatever may come your way. Taking control is how Joe “The Billionaire Boxer” and newest brand ambassador at Yieldstreet, Fournier earned his title, and we believe you will be inspired by the discipline and focus he shares in this conversation on The Yield.

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